Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wii news

So we've got the Wii, and it's even better than I thought it would be. Ours only came with one remote and nunchuck, so we're stuck sharing. We found a second remote at GameStop, but no nunchuck. Seems the nunchucks are hard to come by.

For all of you Wii players out there looking for accessories, here's an early Christmas present for you: The UMKC Bookstore has, as of this afternoon, at least a dozen of each of the Wii remotes and nunchucks. We stopped by there after our cafeteria lunch today (which was very good - the food is great since last September's remodel) and behind a counter in the back, lo and behold, a gamer's paradise. There were Wii accessories and games, as well as games and accessories for the PS2 and XBox 360. I didn't see any PS3 stuff, but I didn't look that hard.

As for the games:

Wii Sports: I'm so glad the Wii came with this. It's a great introduction to the capabilities of the remote/nunchuck system, as well as a whole lot of fun. The Wii lets you create avatars that can look remarkably similar to yourself (or whoever you want), and it's fun to watch my avatar out there sliding across the tennis court to hit a difficult shot, or darting around the bases in baseball. My favorite of the games is bowling, but they are all a blast. Graphically, Wii Sports is rather elementary, but I think that almost adds to the casual feel of the Wii, and helps showcase the "play a quick game, go do something else, play another qick game" aspect.

Rayman: I L-O-V-E the Rayman game. It's just as much fun as I thought it would be. It uses the remote to its full potential, and I like the mini-game concept. If I want to commit to playing a game for a long period of time, I'll sit down to WoW. Otherwise, I love that I can walk up and play for a few minutes, then go do something else. The music Rayman is fun, and so are the costumes. Mostly, though, I like to hit rabbits with plungers.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion: I like the operation part, but I don't like the story scenes. Rather than voiceovers and animations, they went for a comic book look, with text that scrolls across the screen. It's corny, and while I like corny sometimes, I don't like corny and anime mixed together. It just comes across as cheap. For fifty bucks, I want voices, dammit! I also don't really understand the story very well - I'm only on chapter 5, but it seems like I missed something. That said, I think the integration of the remote and nunchuck is cool, and I almost think I could remove polyps on someone's pancreas, if I had some of the magic gel used in the game.

Need for Speed: Carbon: We got this one on Sunday, and took it back on Monday. I don't like games that make me figure out how to play them. If the game has a 30-minute tutorial, no thank you. The graphics were cool, and I liked the music a lot. I also really liked the voiceover work. I didn't like the way the car drove with the remote, though. It was impossible not to oversteer, and then more impossible not to overcorrect. Perhaps we could have mastered it with practice, but fuck that. I want to play and win NOW. We traded this one in on Cars, but haven't had time to play Cars yet. We'll probably crack that one open tonight.

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