Thursday, October 5, 2006

Amp’d mobile is the worst cell phone company in the world.


  • It took 4 days to port our phone number.

  • Their "customer service department" is staffed by teenage boys.

  • Those 4 days consisted of us being told by 3 different "supervisors" that our phone would work "in 24 hours."

  • Our first bill, which was supposed to be for $49, and during which billing period we made 24 minutes worth of calls, was actually for $290.74. We were billed for 1,993 minutes worth of calls that were made over a 5-day period. WHO THE FUCK can talk on the phone for 1,993 minutes in 5 days?!

  • When we called to dispute this bill, we were told by "customer service" that they would have to send a request to the Billing department, who would get to the reuqest in 3-5 days, then take 24 hours to respond. Their response would be in the form of a text message sent to our phone, as the Billing department does not make outbound calls. Huh?

  • The reason given for the Billing department's slowed response time? "It's the holiday season and we're swamped." It's October! What holiday? Is Columbus Day suddenly the busiest time of year for cell phone companies?

  • I can't submit a dispute request to the Billing department because I, the account-holder's spouse, am not an "authorized signer" on the account. I can make major medical decisions for my husband, but can't ask a question about ridiculous cell phone charges for calls that were made before we even had an account.

  • I never, in the last 10 years of using cell phones, have had a dropped call within the KC city limits, no matter what the carrier. Really. That is, until I started using Amp'd. In the last week, I've had 3 dropped calls while using the phone in my house.

In short, I did not know what "buyer's remorse" was before this fiasco, but I do now. Thankfully, I am within the 30-day buyer's remorse period and can cancel service - err, I mean, Mr. Awesome can cancel service.

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