Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It’s 2006… where is my jetpack?

Handy-dandy map detailing the cost of gas by county across the country.

I paid $2.87/gallon this morning at the local Quik Trip. All told, we spend about $200 a month on gas. We don't make any more money than we did a year ago, so we have had to cut back on other things just to pay for gas. We can't go out to eat as much, so the restaurants we usually frequent are taking a hit. We used to drive out to Oak Park Mall once a month or so, but we haven't been there since Christmas, thanks to high gas prices. It isn't just the consumer that's suffering here - it's the businesses that the consumer supports. The only people not feeling this crunch are oil company execs and their supporters. If anyone has thoughts otherwise, please let me know.

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