Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The End of the Rainbow

When I was a kid, I would leave the big city every few weekends to visit my dad, stepmom and sister in Albany, Missouri. Albany is one of those Norman Rockwell towns, where everyone knows everyone else. There is one movie theater with one screen on the town square that hosts the county courthouse. Every summer, Albany celebrates Frontier Days with street fairs and bullfrog races, every Thanksgiving they welcome Santa Claus as he arrives in town on a fire truck to turn on the Christmas lights.

One summer I helped my dad and stepmom deliver Meals on Wheels to some of the elderly residents of Albany. The meals were prepared at the community center in McFall, about 10 miles down the road. Delivering the meals was a lesson in charity, humility, why I should take care of my body while I have the chance, the importance of keeping in good favor with your family, and not visibily wincing when some of the people opened the door to their homes and the smell of old newspapers and Ben-Gay about knocked me over.

I was reminded of McFall today, when I came across a webpage with photographs of a rainbow that appeared there in February, 2006. Idyllic, indeed.

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