Monday, April 17, 2006

More odds and ends

For someone who loves musicals as much as I do, you might be surprised to hear that I had never seen nor listened to the soundtrack to Rent. Last week I finally rented the DVD to the movie, and now I am using Cdigix to listen to the soundtrack at work almost every day. What the hell was wrong with me? Why didn't I jump on this bandwagon before? The music is fantastic, the story, the cast, everything - just wonderful. Plus, listening to the music makes me think of Adam, whom I haven't heard from in a while. I wonder how he is doing today, because it's his birthday. Happy Birthday, Adam.

I got a new 14-inch iBook from work on Friday. What a freaking nice piece of equipment it is, too. I'm gonna get one of those girly bags to carry it in. Speaking of Macs, I have a podcasting seminar to go to in 30 minutes. What a bundle of excitement that will be, I am sure.

I have to start getting allergy shots again ASAP. This whole stuffy/runny nose and sneezing thing is getting ridiculous.

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