Thursday, March 9, 2006

AI - Keep on Rollin’

Last night, the Seacrest appears to be wearing a zipper tie. That’s hip. Also hip is the large paper flower Paula is wearing to accentuate her cleavage.

GedeonWhen a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge)
Gedeon loves to paint pictures that look like 8th grade Earth Day posters. His first note is a bit off, but he’s really trying hard and the rest of the performance isn’t bad at all. He did a very good job of making that his own song. Randy calls him an “old soul,” Paula says he’s a showman, and Simon likes him because Gedoen is “interesting.” I think Gedeon is a world-class

ChrisBroken (Seether)
I love his rock star voice. He’s got this really cool vibrato that mixes with the gravel and makes his sound intense and powerful, but sensitive at the same time. Paula takes a page from junior high and tells Chris to “stay true to who you are.” Simon wasn’t impressed with Chris’s performance and thought it was boring. He reminds Chris that, at the end of the day, he needs to entertain more than anything else.

Kevin Starry, Starry Night (Don McLean)
I have always liked this song – it’s lyrical, emotional, and reminds me of the great art masters of the world and the turmoil that some of them must have gone through. Fortunately for Kevin, he is not burdened with the mental illness that makes some people great. But he is also no Van Gogh. He does have a nice voice, one that will just kill in local dinner theater. He even showed some potential power with one particular low note. But at this moment, this week, in this competition, Kevin will probably be going home tomorrow. Simon put it best when he said that Kevin is like watching puppies play, and the kind of person that finds redeeming, entertainment value in that will vote for Kevin to stay. Personally, I love puppies, but I still think he should go this week.

BuckyWave on Wave (Pat Green)
Holy hell, Bucky has an identical twin named Rocky. I think I former neighbors had a pair of cats or Cocker Spaniels or something named Bucky and Rocky. Note to self: do not name potential children after family pets. Bucky goes country – big shock. I really like Bucky’s performance when he is singing, but towards the middle he goes grit and gravel and instead of having the hint of sensitivity present in Chris’s performance, this just sounds painful. Overall though, I enjoyed the singing part enough to overlook the razorblades-in-the-throat part. Again, Simon says the performance was just ordinary.

WillHow Sweet It Is (James Taylor)
Will is studying Japanese. That’s kind of cool, but I still get evil Peter Brady vibes from him and that isn’t cool. Will’s vocals are pretty good, but also pretty bland, like a white bread and mayonnaise sandwich. To me, even the most upbeat James Taylor songs have an intimacy about them that draws a listener in, and Will’s performance is lacking in that element. Randy calls the performance way below average, but Paula has apparently set her sights on this boy, because she tells him how much he has raised his game and that she is a fan. Pander more, Paula. Simon tells Paula that she “must have been starved for entertainment as a child” and he agrees with Randy.

TaylorTakin’ It to the Streets (The Doobie Brothers)
Taylor was a mall Easter Bunny. Now, he is rocking my world by singing a Doobie Brothers song. Thank you, Taylor Hicks. I will be the first to admit that this might not have been his best performance, but it certainly was his most fun. He did this crazy wind-up dance thing that looked like he was so into the music and just couldn’t stand still. The audience went frigging nuts, and Simon called it the best performance of the night.

ElliottHeaven (Bryan Adams)
Elliott is partially deaf in one of his ears. Elliott’s vocals are always good, but I did have a problem with this performance in that it was very, very even. There was no buildup to a big statement. It had to be hard to follow Taylor’s performance, so I can forgive him that. That’s such a picky thing, though, because honestly, Elliott is just good. I thing Simon nails it when he says that this particular song was not that great and that there was a “disconnect” between Elliott and the song.

AceButterflies (Michael Jackson)
Ace is a handy man. I have some odd jobs he can do around my house, as long as he takes off that stupid beanie. Ace chose a song that I don’t remember hearing before, with all these high Michael Jackson parts and runs and stuff. He did an amazing job with it, too. It started off kind of weird, but it really worked in the end. Great falsetto, great natural voice, horrible beanie.

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