Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Get Your Kicks in 2006

Happy New Year, everybodee! I would make some resolutions, but I know I won't keep them. I suppose if I kept my resolutions small, then I could follow through... okay - I resolve to pay my tuition by the end of the semester. I think this is an attainable goal.

I'm taking a class this semester - English 403WI - that's Writing Intensive for all you n00bs out there. I'm really excited about it, because a. I love English classes, and b. Heather and Aaron are taking the class, too. I'm a little miffed at Heather atm, though (I know - even after I wrote such glowing things about her!). She hasn't called or emailed me all break long. I left a message for her on Christmas, and emailed her before that, but have heard nothing. Good thing I didn't buy her a present :) I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explaination...

Anyway, I got some fantastic Christmas presents - some CDs, some books, some clothes, some bath and body stuff - all my favorite everything. The gifts we picked out for our families went over really well, too.

New Year's eve was a blast - good food, friends, Scattergories, drunken mayhem - all the ingredients for a great time and a lazy and quiet New Year's Day were there. New Year's Day was spent playing WoW and leveling Prufrock (who is at this moment halfway through level 57).

And today I am back to work after 12 days of fabulous vacation. I miss being on vacation already - staying up later, getting up later, no commitments, no schedules - I can totally get used to that.

I hope by next year, though, that someone releases a coffeemaker that makes an excellent cup of coffee and is easy to clean. I LOVE coffee, but can't stand cleaning the coffeemaker. I'd consider one of those pod-type contraptions, but I need at least 4 cups (thats 2 large mugs) or it isn't worth the trouble.

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