Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Where have I been? Part 2

So I've been in to World of Warcraft for about 7 months. My priest, Persia, has been a level 60 for about 2 months, and I'm at the point in the game where the gear is more important than just about anything. In order to gear up my toon in a proper manner, I applied to and was accepted into one of the best guilds on the server. While there is some guild drama (all guilds have drama), overall the people are fantastic to play with and funny as hell.

In the "Kansas City is the smallest place on Earth" department, I found out that at least 2 other guildies are from KC. So that means that of the 1 million or so people that play on all servers, of the 20,000 or so that play on my server, of the 200 or so that are in a guild - i chose a guild that has 2 players from good ol' KC.

Brian and Courtney moved into their beautiful new house a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend we went to see a movie ("The 40 year-old Virgin" - meh) at the Majestic Theatre in Zona Rosa. What isn't there to love about this theater, really? No one under 21 is admitted after 6pm. Why? Because you can order hard liquor from your movie seat! That's right. Full-on bar service. With souvenir glasses. They bring you a clean one to take home with you. No kidding. They have appetizers, too. Anyway, I am spoiled on any other theater (or theater, for that matter) from here on out. If it isn't playing at The Majestic, I'm waiting until I can get it on DVD.

I went to Washington, D.C. two weeks ago. We drove, and the drive was not near as horrible as I expected it to be. It was actually kind of pleasant. Here is a list of things I liked from the trip, in no particular order:
  • The subway system

  • One Washington Circle Hotel

  • Kaz Sushi Bistro

  • National Museum of American History

  • Georgetown University

  • The Watergate Hotel Safeway store

  • National Museum of Natural History

  • The Lincoln Memorial

  • The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

  • The monuments at night

  • We toured Arlington in the morning, and did an evening tour, which was spectacular. We did more walking than ever before, including Vegas. When we got back home, I bought new shoes.

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