Thursday, October 20, 2005

Adventures in Lunch

We wanted to go to Eden Alley for lunch today. I was so ready for some awesomely good food and a nice, warm cup of coffee. We get there and about 100 septuagenarians are filing in and we are told that the wait for a table will be about 20-25 minutes. Ugh. No time to wait when the work-whistle is blowing. Not to mention, are they really serious that the wait would only be 20-25 minutes? Have you ever seen senior citizens eat? More like 2-3 hours for a table. So we went to Saigon 39 instead and it was good (as usual) but not exactly the homey comfort food I had in mind. However, it was good to see Eden Alley filled with people other than dirty hippies for a change. Not that there is anything wrong with being a dirty hippie, but you know what I mean. I got my coffee at Muddy's on 51st St, so I got my dirty hippie fill anyway.

I just spent the last 10 minutes looking for websites for Saigon 39 and Muddy's. Neither have a noticible web presence, which is unfortuante. I did find the Kansas City Health Department food inspection results during the Saigon 39 search. Wonder if there is one for Muddy's? Yep. Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse? Yep. Malay Cafe? Yep. Search for your favorite eatery here. Yeah, have fun with that, Kansas City diners. Oh, and can someone tell me why the restaurant I ate in last week apparently has a mattress in the kitchen?!

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