Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Want to know what goes on inside of Masonic lodges?

You've seen them - the inconspicuous, low-slung brick buildings, nestled nonchalantly in suburban neighborhoods and once-prosperous urban areas. They are usually well-kept, with minimalist landscaping and fairly large, newly-paved parking lots. A few nights a week, the lots are filled with late-model Buicks and Cadillacs, but rarely do you see anyone go in or come out. These buildings are, more likely than not, Masonic lodges.

I have often wondered what goes on in such a place – if the Shriners wear funny hats and drive little cars in public, what the hell do they do when no one is watching? With any luck, I may never have first-hand knowledge of their private doings, but thanks to the Phoenixmasonry On-line Masonic Museum, I am more informed on the subject - informed enough to know that these people are total, out-and-out wackjobs.

Check out the 1930 edition of the DeMoulin Bros. Catalogue, appropriately entitled, “Burlesque and Side Degree Specialties, Paraphernalia and Costumes.” These are essentially hazing materials for grown men.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband for not being into this sort of craziness. His sushi addiction and WoW fetish (okay, okay our WoW fetishes) are the right kind of crazy for me.

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