Friday, February 18, 2005

The Positively True Adventures of Dr. EAP (Part 1)

So I have been working on my English degree for... ever now. That's what happens when you work full time and are terminally lazy. And addicted to reality TV. Anyway, I am taking this Anthropology class to fill a degree requirement and my professor is extraordinary. Extraordinarily awful. Extraordinarily Awful Professor (EAP) has a PhD. in Anthropology and insists we call her Dr. EAP. A few highlights thus far:

- Writing the word "Darwainan" on the chalkboard.
- Totally fucking up Malinowski's hierarchy of needs - twice.
- Referring to the Egyptian queen, "Nephreeti."

But my personal favorite, being an English major and all is this fine gem. While discussing language, the subject of jargon came up. Dr. EAP proceedes to describe jargon in this way:

"Jargon is, you know, the language used by a particular field. Like, in anthropology, anthorpologists have jargon, but (giggling) I don't pay attention to that stuff, cuz it's like, you know, big words. And they use anthropology jargon in their writing and stuff, but if I am reading some of that and the words are too big I just quit reading."

Uh huh. Stunning, isn't it?

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