Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Back from Hiatus.

Well, the election left me depressed enough to leave off blogging for a while, but now that the holidays are here, my mood is altered for the better.

This is my favorite time of year. There are Christmas lights everywhere - the house up the street is lit up like a casino. I would hate to live behind them. That would be like living in Kramer's apartment with the Kenny Roger's Roasters chicken blinking in my face all night long. Insert ad for the long-awaited Seinfeld dvd here. That's done.

Thanksgiving was so great. What isn't great about turkey and sweet potatoes and curry rice and green bean casserole and cranberry jelly shaped like a can and pecan pie and then eating all of it again and again thanks to copious leftovers? Nothing, that's what.

I visited my sister on her birthday over the weekend, and she played me the Christmas song that NEVER gets old. She rules, even if she DOES get her head stuck in the toilet all the fucking time. Lush.

What else? Hmm... went shopping over the weekend and bought this for myself as an early Christmas present. I am so bling. Bath and Body Works had Wallflowers for 5 bucks so we got a few and now our house smells like "Creamy Nutmeg," aka eggnog. OH! and on Thanksgiving night, we rented Dawn of the Dead. Seriously, nothing says the holidays like a kick-ass zombie movie, and this one was one of the best.

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