Monday, August 30, 2004

It is raining and wild outside…

... but I am content and comfortable inside on my couch with my dog and cat and computer and a carrot cake candle, and Def Poetry Jam on TiVo. The power went out a few minutes ago; just as suddenly as it went it came back again, my link to the online world restored along with the bit of my sanity that had flickered with the lights. The internet is like air and water, like a vein, a synapse, a direct connection into my consciousness from far-away places and lives I could have lived and/or wouldn't want to.

The storm has knocked out our satellite signal, so I won't be able to watch Bill Maher tonight like I have looked forward to doing all week long. We are almost out of saved TiVo shows - one can only watch so many back-episodes of Smallville in one evening.

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