Friday, August 6, 2004

I know I should participate in our political process…

...but I don't feel like fighting the crowd. John Kerry and his Believe in America tour is making a stop in my fair swing city this evening. He has been here all day, actually, but the public rally will be tonight at our Union Station. I love John Kerry and his wife, and know I will be sorry if I do not attend, but I would rather eat sushi and go to the bookstore than fight for parking and stand shoulder to shoulder in a bouncing throng for a couple of hours.

I will involve myself in our political process by encouraging everyone I know to register to vote, get out there on Election Day, and end Dubya's reign of terra!

On a totally different topic, my beloved Briney has announced today that it will only be open to subscribers effective in a couple of weeks. Now, I do not mind paying $2.45 a month for a subscription to The Atlantic Monthly in order to participate in one of the best forums on the interbunny, but I am seriously bummed that many of the posters I know and love will be jumping ship for cheaper (free) waters.

This is a sad, sad day.

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