Tuesday, August 24, 2004


School days, school days, dear little golden rule days...

Fall semester 2004 started yesterday. I'm taking two classes - British Literature I and II. Yes, you CAN take them concurrently; they do not build on one another, they cover different time periods. Anywho, Brit Lit I introduced me to Instructor Allan Hunter. A quick Google search found this. Sweet. Instructor Al (he does not have a PhD. and is therefore not a Dr. or a Prof.) is quite the comedian. He informed the class that he has "Hwaet" tatooed on his person - "Hwaet" being the first word in Beowulf, which is our first reading assignment. He also informed us that his is a self proclaimed "nerd" and has a cat named Grendel. There is a car parked on campus with the license plate GRENDEL... Same person?

I have a familiar professor (yes, Prof.) for Brit Lit II, since I took a class with her last semester. Lucky for me, we are reading one of the same books for this class. Yippie!

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